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Men's Shapewear - Is it Right For You?

Men's Shapewear - Is it Right For You?

You've probably heard of women using corsets, waist trainers, girdles, etc. - but did you know that shapewear exists for men as well? And, it's becoming more popular than you would think! Want to learn more about how men's shapewear can help you look slimmer, feel better, and boost confidence?

Who Wears Men's Shapewear?

You may think of shapewear as something that's made exclusively for people that are overweight - which may or may not be you - but in reality, shapewear can be a great option for just about anyone.

Some of the reasons people wear shapewear include:

  • Being overweight and wanting to appear a few sizes smaller
  • Wanting certain areas such as love handles to be flattened and smoothed
  • Wishing to improve posture
  • Needing back/spine support for workouts or to alleviate pain
  • Struggling with self-confidence or body image
  • Having trouble fitting into certain clothes which may not fit your proportions comfortably

And there are so many more. Basically, what we mean to say is - whether you're 65 and wanting to suck in your belly by a few inches, or if you're 25 and work out every day, shapewear can truly benefit you either way.

Isn't it Expensive?

Good question - but in reality, no, shapewear tends to be more affordable than you might expect. While more expensive brands can run from $40 - $75 for a single shapewear product, Kewlioo has premium quality shapewear available for as little as $20!

Isn't it Embarrassing to Wear Shapewear?

We understand if you're feeling self-conscious about wearing shapewear, but there's really nothing to be ashamed of! Besides which - high end shapewear doesn't even show under clothes. With quality-made fabrics that offer effective compression while remaining ultra-light, you'll forget you're even wearing it - and others will never know.

What Types of Men's Shapewear are there?

We're glad you asked!

For those looking for something easy to slip on under any shirt, that constricts tummy flab and offers waist shaping and compression WITHOUT added bulk, or if you're just really into tank tops that are super comfortable and flattering, we recommend the all-new SlimTank

If you want to rock a T-shirt style piece that offers full coverage of the stomach, back, shoulders, waist and upper arms, our SlimShirt is the way to go. Not only is it comfortable and supportive enough to be great for wear around the house, it also has a look so sleek you could wear it out on a date looking your best!

Lastly, for those who prefer shaping from the bottom up, check out our SlimShorts. Feel confident every where you go with top-quality compression fabric that eliminates love handles, smooths fat rolls, and makes fitting too-small pants on a breeze. 

All of our products come with 100% free shipping worldwide. Join our Kewlioo community now - and as our thanks to you, SAVE 10% ON SHAPEWEAR when you use the code SLIM10. Thanks for reading - and happy shaping!

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