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Must-Haves and Tips for the Gym

Must-Haves and Tips for the Gym

If the gym is calling your name, then we already have something in common because I hear it calling mine, too!

Ahhhh, the gym, it’s one of the very best places to go to accomplish your fitness goals. The equipment, people, and resources are all conducive to an empowering atmosphere. I don’t know about you, but I love being surrounded by like-minded people on a mission to get—and stay—fit.

I love going to the gym (and I just renewed my membership!), so I’m here to share some must-haves and tips that I hope will be useful to you.

T = Towel. When I first started going to the gym regularly, I’d look around and see my fellow fitness enthusiasts with soft-looking towels that they’d use to keep themselves cool and dry. It quickly occurred to me that I had missed a memo. I needed a gym towel—pronto! Am I afraid to admit how much I love my gym towel? No. There have been times when I’ve worked so hard that sweat from my forehead threatens to drip into my eyes, and every time I reach for my towel, I feel like I have a friend at my side telling me to keep up the good work. Besides, it’s just good gym etiquette to keep my sweat off the machines and equipment I use while I’m there. If you’re in the market for a gym towel, be sure to buy one that’s soft, absorbent, and small enough to carry around.

H = Hydration. Another gym must-have is Hydration. By this, I mean that I cannot leave my home without my favorite water bottle in tow. Staying hydrated while I work out is important because I want to replace the fluids I’ve lost through sweating. Besides, nothing beats a cold drink of water when I’m working out.

E = Earphones. Music motivates me—especially in the gym! I’ve created a playlist specifically for my workouts, and I swear that it makes me work harder. I run faster. I do an extra set of lunges. Sometimes I even challenge myself to stay on the elliptical until the end of the song when, without my earphones, I might have gotten off a minute or two earlier. I encourage you to curate a playlist of your favorite (upbeat) songs and hit play as soon as you enter the gym. Think of play as synonymous with conquer.

G = Goals, goals, goals. Set ‘em and don’t forget ‘em! Every time I go to the gym, I make a point to set a new goal for myself, whether it’s big or small. That way, every time I leave the gym, I will feel accomplished, and that’s all the more reason for me to return tomorrow and the next day and the next day, and so on.

Y = Yoga. At the gym, I enjoy doing some intense strength training and cardio workouts. But one day a week, I take a day “off” and attend a yoga class that’s included in my gym membership. Yoga makes me feel amazing . . . it’s an opportunity for me to stretch my muscles, breathe deeply, and feel “in tune” with my body.

M = Make friends. One of the many benefits of going to the gym? You have the option to work out solo or with friends. I’ve met some cool people at the gym, and I often meet up with them so we can work out together. I encourage you to make friends at your gym because workout buddies can not only help you stay motivated but also hold you accountable.

R = Rotate your workouts. I mentioned above that I do strength training, cardio, and yoga at my gym. I recommend rotating your workouts so you can build muscle, burn calories, and tone the muscles across your entire body.

O = Obligational, not optional. That’s right. Treat your visits to the gym as an obligation, not an option. If you want to see results, you’re not going to get them if you visit the gym “every once in a while.” Get into the routine of visiting the gym every day so you can keep up your progress and sustain your momentum.

C = Confidence. One of the biggest tips I’ve ever received on my fitness journey is to have confidence in myself. Confidence can go a long way in life and in the gym. If you tell yourself that you can’t do something, all you need is your confidence to kick in so you can discover that yesyou can do it!

K = Kewlioo. I’m obsessed with my Kewlioo gear, and I attribute that obsession to the fact that I wouldn’t be seeing such impressive results without having invested in heat-trapping saunawear and other products in the Kewlioo line. I want to burn as many calories as possible in the gym, and I love how Kewlioo supports me in that mission. Kewlioo makes super comfortable and high-quality sportswear that has enhanced my workouts in so many ways.

S = Stretch. Nothing can throw a monkey wrench into your gym routine more than an injury. I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of establishing a stretching routine. In addition to reducing your risk of sustaining an injury, stretching increases blood flow, improves your flexibility and range of motion, and helps your body recover after your workout session.

! = Consider this exclamation point by means of giving you a high-five on your way out the door and to the gym.

Wherever you are in your fitness journey—whether you’re just starting to visit the gym, or you’ve been a regular at your gym for months or perhaps even years—this proud “gym rat” is sending you lots of good vibes on your fitness journey. 

Keep going to the gym. Keep fighting for the results you want when you look in the mirror. Keep sweating like crazy and building muscle like nobody’s business and improving your endurance like you’re unstoppable. Because guess what? You are.

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