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The Ultimate Guide to Workout Gear for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Workout Gear for Beginners

You’re just getting started on your fitness journey. Welcome! We admire that you’re taking the initiative to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Here at Kewlioo, we believe that exercising regularly makes you feel good about yourself, and when you feel good about yourself, you’ll notice how much more confident, empowered, and strong you become in your day-to-day life.

Before you can begin working out, it’s imperative to invest in the right workout gear. Owning “the essentials” will allow you to get the most out of your time and efforts. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide for you that features ten must-have products.

Whether you’re working out in the gym, at home, or elsewhere, the gear on this list will help you burn calories, gain muscle, boost endurance, improve flexibility, and more!  

       1. Yoga-mat

Practicing yoga—or at least incorporating some yoga poses (such as a downward dog) into your daily fitness routine—can improve your strength, balance, and flexibility, as well as allow you to practice taking slow, deep breaths. When shopping for a yoga mat, look for a nonslip one. All the better if the mat comes with yoga blocks and/or a yoga strap, as the former can reduce pressure on your muscles and joints, and the latter can be used for stretching exercises. (Pro tip: stretching before exercising is always a fantastic idea, that way you can loosen your muscles and reduce your risk of sustaining an injury.)

       2. Resistance bands

Resistance bands look like giant rubber bands, but the benefits that can bring to your exercise routine are seriously impressive. As a beginner, you can use resistance bands to gain muscle and improve your strength. These bands are versatile and, like other items on this list, transportable. We recommend purchasing the bands on the market that allow you to adjust the amount of resistance, that way you can gradually increase the muscle-building tension over time.

        3. Jump rope

Oh, the good old-fashioned jump rope! You may have many great memories of jumping rope when you were a kid . . . now it’s time to use it less like a toy and more like the incredible workout tool it is. Incorporating a jump rope into your fitness routine is fun, plus it offers a wide range of benefits. Aside from helping you burn calories (15 to 20 per minute!), jumping rope can improve your agility, balance, and coordination. When purchasing a jump rope, look for one that is made using durable materials, has comfortable grips on the handles, and is the right length for beginners (the rule of thumb is that it should be approximately 3 feet taller than you).

      4. Dumbbells

Using dumbbells during your workout routine will encourage your joints and muscles to move easier, which means that you’ll improve your overall range of motion. Dumbbells also provide the means for you to develop lean muscle mass. Since you’re a beginner, be sure to select a weight that feels most comfortable for you. You should feel as if you have control over the weight and can lift it without feeling like you’re putting yourself at risk of sustaining an injury.

     5. Workout towel

When you work out, you sweat a lot, so having a workout towel on hand is a great idea. Don’t even get us started on how rewarding it is to wipe away sweat. When shopping for a gym towel, look for one that’s soft, absorbent, and quick-drying.

      6. Supportive shoes

Wherever your fitness routine takes you—whether that’s to the local gym and/or for a spin around the block—you owe it to yourself to outfit your feet with the most supportive and stabilizing shoes possible. If you can, visit a shoe store that sells athletic shoes and speak to an expert about the exercise routine you plan to establish. That way, they can guide you toward footwear that best corresponds to your routine. Wearing proper footwear can not only reduce your risk of injury but also boost your performance (wearing a light shoe while running, for example, can improve your form and stride efficiency).

      7. Heat-trapping saunawear

Outfitting your body with high-quality activewear can significantly enhance your workout. Saunawear traps heat, which makes you perspire so much more than you normally would if you were to work out dressed in, say, a t-shirt and shorts. All this extra perspiration will burn through your water weight and allow you to tone muscles in the abdomen, shoulders, back, and waist. It’s like working out in a sauna (get that workout towel ready!). We recommend purchasing heat-trapping saunawear directly from our website because our products have gone through extensive fitting and optimization tests to ensure that they bring your workout to a whole new level—each and every time.

       8. Exercise/stability ball

Another piece of workout gear we recommend? A stability ball. Versatile and fun, you can use a stability ball to do push-ups, perform dumbbell presses, and work on your balance, just to name a few. We’d also be remiss not to mention how much a stability ball can engage your core and stabilizer muscles. It can even go so far as to improve your posture by encouraging you to maintain proper alignment. Buy a thick stability ball with high burst resistance, and be sure to pick the right size (it’s based on your height). 

       9. Mini trampoline

Mini trampolines look like fun, don’t they? The good news is that if you purchase one of these, you can jump your way to getting—and staying—fit. According to American Council on Exercise (ACE), jumping on a mini trampoline for approximately 20 minutes a day is just as good for you as running. The peer-reviewed research study they conducted also found that mini trampolines can improve your endurance and allow you to expend approximately 8-11 calories per minute. Select a mini trampoline that’s built well and comes in a size that’s most convenient for your space.

      10. Duffel bag

Treat yourself to a sturdy duffel bag that will allow you to store and/or transport a majority of your workout gear—your saunawear, your jump rope, and all the other items you’ve acquired to make your fitness journey as effective and worthwhile as possible. Duffel bags come in so many different sizes and colors. Consider choosing one with padded handles/shoulder straps and a decent number of pockets.

Congratulations on starting your fitness journey. We hope you’ve found this list of gear both informative and helpful.

Don’t forget that Kewlioo is the place to go for all your sportswear/activewear needs. We’re proud to offer not only heat-trapping saunawear, but also shapewear, waist trainers, athletic wear, and even creams and lotions—all designed to elevate your fitness experience. Our proprietary products for men and women include a 30-day fit assurance and 24/7 customer support in case you need advice or guidance.

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