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Pros and Cons: Virtual Workouts

Pros and Cons: Virtual Workouts

You have people to see, things to do, and places to be. Life is hectic, that's for sure, and sometimes you're forced to consider ways that you can easily and conveniently accommodate your daily workout routine. When it comes to living a fit and active lifestyle, holding yourself accountable is the key to success. If you’ve looked into virtual workouts as a way to ensure that you’re getting your daily dose of exercise, you’re certainly not alone.

Virtual workouts can be a fantastic way to stay on track along your fitness journey. A virtual workout is better than no workout, of course, but similar to say, a virtual concert by your favorite musical artist, one could argue that there are pros and cons of working out in front of a screen.

This article will dig deeper into those pros and cons so you can consider all the benefits and challenges of working out in the digital age. 

Five Pros of Virtual Workouts:

1. They can be done on your watch and in your own home. When you’re ready to work out, all you have to do is get dressed in your activewear (including your heat-trapping saunawear!), queue up your favorite workout channel, and start burning those calories. With virtual workouts, there’s no such thing as arriving late to a workout class or session with your personal trainer. You’re in complete control of your workout schedule, which is a great feeling. Plus, if you have to leave town for a business trip or a family vacation, your virtual workout—and the screen you use to access it, whether that’s a TV, laptop, tablet, or even phone—is totally portable and travel-friendly. 

2. A good workout channel can keep you coming back. You know that feeling you get when you find an amazing new recipe, or discover a new song that you can’t stop listening to? Well, if you find a good workout channel, you’re bound to experience that same feeling—the one that inspires you to keep coming back. You’ll make that recipe a weekly dinner staple. You’ll play that song every chance you get. You’ll queue up that YouTube channel every day because once your workout is over, you feel on top of the world. 

3. You’re still bound to see results. Whether you’re doing squats or performing lunges at the gym or in front of a screen, you’re still engaging so many joints and muscles in your body that are part of your intricate musculoskeletal system. You can expect to see results by working out virtually in the same way you can expect to see results if you were going to the gym every day. 

4. Virtual workouts are wonderful for beginners. New to exercising? Not sure you want to hit up the gym right away? Interested in checking out a variety of classes (yoga, cardio, sculpting) that will get you motivated? There’s nothing wrong with starting your fitness journey at home until the time comes when you’re ready to work out in public. By doing virtual workouts in a space where you feel most comfortable, you can concentrate on your movements and gradually get acclimated to your workout gear, including your heat-trapping saunawear from Kewlioo, dumbbells, and more. 

5. Virtual workouts are cost-effective. If you’re not able to afford a gym membership, virtual workouts are your next best bet. Many fitness enthusiasts who enjoy working out virtually appreciate the extra money they keep in their pocket every month, especially because gym memberships and fitness classes can be expensive. 

Five Cons of Virtual Workouts:

Working out alone can get . . . well, lonely. The camaraderie that you can establish with fellow fitness enthusiasts goes a long way in terms of helping to keep you motivated along your fitness journey. If you’re always working out virtually, you don’t give yourself a chance to form friendships with like-minded people, and you can’t enjoy the benefits of having a workout buddy provide some friendly competition (example: “Let’s see who can burn the most calories on the treadmill today!”). 

2. Virtual workouts can be easier to skip. As much as you want to queue up that YouTube channel, there will be days when you feel like opting for some couch time instead. Virtual workouts can be easier to skip because no one will know that you skipped them. Join a gym or fitness class, however, and you’ll find that you’ll hold yourself more accountable, and your gym buddies or instructor will likely take notice when you’re not there. 

3. You’re not financially committed. Even though gym memberships and fitness classes can get pricey, many gym-goers find that committing financially inspires them to commit mentally and physically. In other words, they tell themselves that they ought to go to the gym regularly so that they get their money’s worth—and indeed, they do. 

4. Working out at a gym can potentially be safer. Working out involves moving your body in ways that put you at an increased risk of sustaining an injury, especially if you’re a beginner. If you work out in person at a gym, you may find that your fitness instructor or fellow gym-goers will offer to help you improve your form so you can keep your bones, joints, and muscles working in sync safely.  

5. You’re limited to the resources you have. You may not be able to afford a treadmill or cycling bike, or maybe you can but you just don’t have the space for such big pieces of equipment. Your virtual workout options will be limited based on the gear you have on hand. If you’re interested in an indoor cycling virtual workout, you can’t participate simply on account of not having the right equipment at home. (Bummer.)

    Pros and cons exist everywhere along your path to fitness (there are pros and cons of having a personal trainer, for example), and virtual workouts are no exception. Consider what’s best for you in terms of your lifestyle, schedule, budget, and resources so that no matter if you work out virtually, at the gym, or a mix of both, you’re going to feel like you are making progress and achieving your goals.

    Kewlioo, by the way, is on a mission to intensify and enhance your virtual and/or in-person workouts. We’re committed to helping you achieve results faster and easier, and we hope you’ll love our products as much as your fellow fitness enthusiasts do!  

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