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How To Properly Care For Your Sauna Suit

How To Properly Care For Your Sauna Suit

We talk a lot about getting your best body, and how the best way to do that is by using workout enhancers like sauna suits in a safe and effective way. One other thing that we don’t often talk about but should is how to care for your sauna suit. Your sauna suit is a tool. Just like other tools, you want to take proper care of it. The more care you give your sauna suit, the longer it will last and the closer you can get to your best body. There are just a few things to keep in mind when thinking about ways to care for your sauna suit.

Cleaning Your Sauna Suit

Most plastic sauna suits are hard to clean. They’re too easy to rip, and they don’t flatten out very easily. That’s why we recommend going with a neoprene sauna suit for maximum effectiveness. Neoprene is more durable, and way easier to clean than its plastic counterpart.

Immediately after using your sauna suit, you want to wash it. Otherwise, it’ll start to build up bacteria and odor, especially if you’re using a public sauna or gym. The good news is that these sauna suits are fairly easy to hand wash. You can do mix a little bit of soap and hot water and do this in a basin, or you can even just hang them up and scrub them down with the same mixture. Once you’re done, simply hang your sauna suit to dry.

Keeping your sauna suit clean is important, which is why you should generally clean it after every use if you can. It’s also important to let it dry thoroughly. Allowing it to stay moist or damp for long periods of time can help cultivate bacteria, but it can also cause damaging to the seams. The better care you take, the longer your sauna suit will last.

Storing Your Sauna Suit

When storing a neoprene sauna suit, you want to make sure you hang it in a place where the temperature is consistent. Hanging allows the suit to relax and does not put unnecessary stress onto the threads and sewing at the joints. A consistent temperature will ensure that the neoprene stays strong and does not weaken.

Overall, caring for your sauna suit is a simple process and one that all people should take pride in when they are working to get their best body. Neoprene sauna suits are far and away the best choice due to their durability, and the ease with which you can clean them. To keep your suit strong, simply clean it after each use, and store it by hanging it in a place with a consistent temperature.

Last updated: 08/28/2018

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  • Michael Segreto

    What is the largest size you make in the Sauna suit .
    My chest size is 42.5 inches and waist 41.5 inches
    On your size I would need a 4 or 5X size , do you have that size
    Please let me know ,
    Thanking you
    Michael Segreto

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