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How to Use a Sauna Suit to Lose Weight Safely

How to Use a Sauna Suit to Lose Weight Safely

Personally, I love using my sauna suit. It helps me shed weight easier than ever, and I can feel it working the minute I put it on. It’s rare to get that kind of instant gratification from working out.

While sauna suits are great tools, it's important to know how to use them correctly. The instant gratification and long-term effects have caused sauna suits to skyrocket in popularity, but the problem is, there’s a ton of bad advice out there that can be harmful to you and your fitness goals. This blog post will focus on how to use a sauna suit to lose weight safely.

How to Pick the Right Sauna Suit

Truthfully, you don’t need a super high-end sauna suit if you’re just starting. I’ve even seen wrestlers and boxers find success using trash bags. That being said, the higher the quality, the better results you’ll see. There are a few tricks to finding the right fit.

Cheaper sauna suits are made out of thin plastics, PVC, and so on. The best quality material for a sauna suit in terms of both safety and utility is neoprene. There are two main features that set neoprene apart from any of the plastic sauna suits. First, it’s exceptionally durable. Plastic sauna suits tear easily from the even small amounts of stress. Neoprene, however, will last much longer, and is much more resistant to ripping or tearing. Second, it’s far more breathable. I’ve used plastic sauna suits before, and they can make you feel like you’re suffocating. Neoprene, on the other hand, provides you with the same results, without the discomfort.

What Kind of Sauna Suit Should You Get?

The next step is to find the right kind of sauna suit. It’s important to pick one that fits both your goals, and your experience. For instance, you’re not going to pick a hooded sauna suit if you’re a beginner. The best choice for beginners is to start with something simple, like a neoprene shirt. You can put this on under your workout clothes or just wear it around the house and see how your body reacts.

This will tell you more about what level of workout enhancement you’re comfortable with. Basically, you should look for a sauna suit that you’re comfortable with trying out depending on your experience. You should also look for one that’s made out of a strong material, preferably neoprene or our Heat Trapping Polymer. This will give you the most value for your money.

How to Use Your Sauna Suit Safely

Safety is crucial when it comes to sauna suits, especially for beginners. According to a study at Western State Colorado University, you will lose approximately 40% more weight when wearing a sauna suit. This is important to keep in mind because a lot of that weight loss will come from losing water through sweat. The key to losing weight with a sauna suit is to be consistent. The increased heat and activity that the sauna suit creates will help you burn more calories over time.

But the weight loss will seem much greater at first, due to the loss of water. Seeing those instant results can be rewarding, and it might encourage some people to keep pushing. The key to staying safe when using a sauna suit is to always rehydrate after your workouts. It is best to do so with just water, and keep in mind that you just need to continuously rehydrate, not try to do so all at once.

Now What?

Now you’ve got a pretty good idea about where to start. You know what material of sauna suit you should get, and how to rehydrate. It’s important to take things slow at first to discover your comfort level, and to stay hydrated. You’re ready to pick out a sauna suit, so get shopping! If you stay consistent, you’ll see the weight fall off faster than you could’ve imagined, and you’ll reach your fitness goals in no time.

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