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3 Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Sauna Suit

3 Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Sauna Suit

It’s one thing to get a sauna suit and use it to work out. It’s another to maximize your workouts and weight loss by leveraging your gear as a workout enhancer. While working out the wrong way will result in dehydration and slow progress, if you follow professional advice and use your sauna suit correctly, you will shed weight faster than ever and maximize your fitness results. Here are three ways to get the most out of your sauna suit.

Rehydrate Immediately After Your Workout

This is basic, but cannot be stressed enough. Rehydration is important because it allows you to recover from workouts which drain your body of water as you sweat. After any weight cut, it’s important to rehydrate to avoid lasting damage or fatigue. Water is the best tool to use for rehydration. After intense workouts or weight cuts, you can also use Pedialyte or sports drinks to replace electrolytes. These should be ingested in small sips, alternated with water to maximize the rehydration the process.

Use Your Sauna Vest With HIIT to Get Peak Results

I have this theory that anybody who says they enjoy cardio is a pathological liar. Personally, I prefer to get it out of the way as fast as possible, which is why I love HIIT training. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, which is tough, but short, workouts that essentially make you work really hard, but only for a short period of time. Even better, plenty of research suggests it is the most effective way of losing weight. Using HIIT training to complement your sauna suit usage means losing weight as fast as possible, and spending the less time in the gym to achieve the same results.

Stay Consistent

I had a friend in college who almost never went to the gym, and the only time they did was when they felt like they were putting on weight, or had a particularly large dinner the night before. They would say something like “I guess I better work off that pizza from last night.” This attitude doesn’t help weight loss. It’s more likely to make you frustrated with a lack of results and little to no fitness improvements. Instead, it is crucial that you stay consistent. Whether that’s working out once a day or once a week, stick with a plan.

Post-workout rehydration, combining your sauna suit with HIIT workouts, and staying consistent are keys to maximizing your sauna suit results. Whether you’re doing intense workouts or just wearing it around the house, your sauna suit can help you reach your fitness goals and achieve the body you want.

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