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5 Small Changes That Help You Burn More Fat Every Day

5 Small Changes That Help You Burn More Fat Every Day

Getting your best body isn’t always about going on crazy crash diets or spending hours slaving away in the gym. Let’s face it, not everybody has the time to spend those hours in the gym, learning how to tone their body. The good news is that there are a few ‘body hacks’ you can employ that will help you cut fat from your body without making major changes in your life.

Now, this is by no means a complete substitute for a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, as those are still important. But making these small changes will help you see a difference in your life, and push you forward on the path to your best body. Here are 5 small changes you can make that will help you burn more fat every single day.

Take Cold Showers

The cold shower revelation is one that is starting to become popular among fitness enthusiasts and people who just want to improve their health overall. There are tons of benefits attributed to cold showers, including increased circulation, more energy, boosted immune system, and many more. All of these benefits can help you feel healthier, and overall lift the mood of your day. All for just a few minutes of shivering in the morning!

The most important benefit is the boosted metabolism that cold showers create. A boosted metabolism means your body is able to process and break down foods faster. This is a major benefit when talking about weight loss because it means less food is stored as fat, and more of it is processed to create energy instead. So the next time you shower in the morning, turn the temperature down and embrace the benefits of a cold shower.

Eating Spicy Foods

Spicy foods aren’t for everyone, but they can make a big difference in weight loss. There are three major benefits to eating spicy foods. First, spicy foods increase the heat in your body, which helps you burn more calories for up to 30 minutes after you eat. Second, spicy foods increase your metabolic rate similar to how cold showers do, which means your body will process foods faster. Finally, there is evidence to suggest that spicy foods will also make you feel more full. This helps you control your portions, as you will eat less but feel the same.

These three benefits all contribute to a better body. If you don’t like spicy foods, I suggest working your way up by adding small amounts of spice to your meals… I used to hate them, but now I love to eat anything spicy! If you already like spicy foods, then slather on Tabasco and enjoy the benefits.

Changing The Way You Eat

No, you don’t need to go on a crazy diet. But there are a few small things you can watch that will make a big difference in your weight loss. A lot of people think that intermittent fasting is the way to lose weight, and it has been gaining popularity as a result. However, isocaloric weight loss strategies have been proven to be more effective.

An isocaloric strategy allows dieters to take in whatever they want, so long as they consume an identical amount of certain substances. This strategy is based on calculations and scientific evidence and has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of losing weight. It really only takes a few small changes in your diet to begin to see the effects of an isocaloric strategy.

Replace Your Beverages With Lemon Water

A lot of times, it seems convenient just to pick up a soda from a vending machine, or to hit the corner store to satisfy your sweet tooth with a sugary drink. However, this can have disastrous results on your body over the long term and is not a contributor to your best body. If you replace these drinks with lemon water, you’ll see major benefits for two reasons.

First, drinking water, in general, helps weight loss. But that weight loss is further enhanced when you add lemon. The citrus and acid help burn fat and speed up your metabolism. This means that every time you take a drink, you’re helping your body actively burn fat. The other benefit to replacing your regular sugary drinks (or most drinks in general) with lemon water is that you’re cutting out the calories and negative impacts of those drinks and replacing them with something much better. Add lemon water to your diet if you want to make a simple change that will help you get your best body.

Use A Sauna Suit

Nothing burns fat faster than working out in a sauna suit. You simply put it on and start your weight loss journey by burning more fat and losing more weight at every session. Sauna suits are one of the most popular ways that professional athletes lose weight, and are used by these athletes all over the world. The thing is, you don’t have to engage in the same high-intensity workouts as them to lose that weight.

There’s a lot more to losing weight with a sauna suit than working out. There are tons of ways you can use the sauna suit that will help you lose weight. Wear it while you clean the house, walk the dog, or do anything remotely active if you want to get that extra burn. There are also a few things you should know about getting the most out of that sauna suit.

These 5 changes are small. They won’t inconvenience you in a major way at all, but they’ll make a huge difference when it comes to getting your best body. This is the definition of using minor changes to achieve major results. Try them out for yourself, and comment below what you think!


  • Paul H Teran

    Thanks for helpful advice. I’ll keep this in mind!!

  • Kim ortiz

    Thanks for the tips! It was nice to know that you can get something for free and beneficial for your health. Thanks again!

  • Tihomir


    I wont to share my experience with you.
    I was training kickboxing and free fight 15 years and in that time had body like Iron Mike in best days since did not have an accident with my right leg which was broken.
    I had to be in bad 3 mounth with no any kind of activities, and I got few kilos more then would like to have.
    I never practiced some diet because after each of them mostly com jo-jo efect and its waisting time. Also never been in gym because , for me, its not natural way to be healthy and have a nice body.
    My problem is that can not run because my wounded leg, so take care what eat, drink, and I practice on bag when have a time for that.
    I know for woter with lemon and its perfect thing for me, also like spicy food, but I am 50 – thats the problem.
    First time when saw your sauna shirts and other staffs I realized that it could be the fastest way to solve my problem. I receved some staffs, and like it, and will receve more so that can make combination what to wear when practice something but other staffs can wear under my cloth during day.
    I will do my best and with your help will be in good condition again.

    Best regards,
    Tihomir Naletilic

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