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The Kewlioo Sauna Vest For Women

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Kewlioo Sauna Vest for Women

This Sauna Vest heats up your core 3x more than normal gym clothingwhich naturally boosts your metabolism & helps you to burn more calories with much less effort.

Simply wear it with or without a workout top - it INSTANTLY tones and shapes your posture while accelerating perspiration in your belly and waist area for increased sweating and INTENSE workouts.

Made of 3-layer high-quality neoprene, this vest always keeps you dry on the outside so you can be comfortable AND look great.

As seen worn by numerous Hollywood Celebrities, this vest is the perfect addition to help reduce fat, MAXIMIZE your results and get the body you deserve.

Women's Sauna Vest Key Benefits:

  • Burn more calories faster during any physical activity.

  • Increase your metabolism and amplify your weight loss efforts.

  • Strong Velcro closure that provides a snug fit & upper body support.

  • 3-Layer neoprene that helps you sweat while staying dry on the outside.

  • Intensify any workout - this vest helps you sweat 3x more than normal gym clothing.

  • Available in your favorite colors.

  • Use it while doing any physical activity including running errands, walking, cardio, Crossfit, gym or more!

Note: Need an extra vest to not have to wash it every day or fit after cutting weight? Scroll up for a special deal!

Women's Sauna Vest Size Chart:

 SIZE  Bust (Inches) Waist (Inches)
S 31 28
M 32 30
L 34 31
XL 35 33
XXL 37 35
3XL 39 36
4XL 40 38


Women's Sauna Vest Care Instructions:

Hand wash in cold water with a soft detergent and hang dry. It is recommended to wash it after each use, particularly after exercising.

Please don't machine wash or iron this item to avoid damage.

Note: The product may arrive with a natural material smell that will fade away after a few washes.

Sauna vest info Last updated: 2:55 PM, Wednesday, 01 May 2019, Eastern Time (ET)

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