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How Kewlioo Sauna-Wear Works

How Kewlioo Sauna-Wear Works


Have you recently discovered the world of sauna wear, and wondered if it really works and how? Or maybe you’ve been wearing a sauna vest or suit for years, but you want to know the science behind WHY it yields such awesome results? Then keep reading - this article will explain how our sauna wear can help you with your weight loss and fitness journeys - it all boils down to Heat Shock Proteins and Norepinephrine.


Let’s talk a little bit about the stress that concentrated heat applies to your body, and exactly why it’s good for you. Specifically, we’ll talk about something called hormetic stress. Hormetic stressors are stressful conditions that when applied to our body, over time trigger an adaptation. A great example is exercise. When we exercise, we apply stress to our bodies by engaging in physically challenging activities such as running, lifting weights, doing push-ups, etc. The outcome is that our bodies release certain hormones that help our bodies adapt to the new conditions to become stronger while gaining endurance and stamina.

Heat is a different type of positive hormetic stressor, which is why people use saunas. Similar to exercise, exposure to extreme heat creates an adaptive response in our bodies that can mainly be attributed to an increased release of Norepinephrine.


Norepinephrine, along with its brothers - Epinephrine and Adrenaline, are hormones that become activated upon exposure to heat stress. These hormones trigger our flight or fight response - a physical and physiological state causing increased alertness, muscle activity and faster heart rate. To supply the body with sufficient energy, Norepinephrine goes to adipocytes (fat cells) and by breaking them down, triggers the release of free fatty acids.

Utilizing more fat during training leads to increased blood sugar levels and as a result, increases energy throughout the brain and body. Working out in higher temperatures will enable you to push harder and perform like you never did before. This is why professional athletes have been using sauna wear for decades.

Not only is this effective for your workout and fitness goals, but along with serotonin, this hormone is known for contributing to a better mood. Additionally, by increasing your heart rate you are also improving calorie burn.


Along with Norepinephrine, when working out in high temperatures, your body releases an increased amount of a protein called HSP (Heat Shock Protein). Now, without getting overcomplicated on the biochemistry of it all, the primary role of these HSPs is to enable and support muscle recovery and growth.

HSPs are in charge of driving amino acids to certain muscle groups as needed to repair and rebuild after tissue damage. So when you go to the gym and focus on your abs, HSPs will do their job by driving amino acids to the muscles throughout your abdomen and waist. If the release of HSP is low, the effectiveness of your amino acids decreases, and vice versa.


So by now, we learned that high temperatures have a direct effect on your physical performance, muscle recovery, fat burn, and even mood. But what if you live in a cold climate? Or simply don’t have a sauna?

Fortunately, science has developed ways for you to enjoy the benefits of heat - no matter where you are. That’s where the KEWLIOO Heat-Trapping gear comes in. Using a highly-advanced polyurethane fabrication, we’ve designed the perfect heat-workout gear. Our Heat Trapping collection has been designed to boost your body’s natural heat and to increase the release of Norepinephrine and HSP during workouts or any physical activity. This is why you can get better results, faster, without having to go to a sauna.

The Kewlioo Heat Trapping sauna wear collection includes shirts, vests, waist wraps, leggings, shorts and more. Our products were carefully designed to withstand even the most intense workouts, without sacrificing your range of movement or comfort. So if you’re ready to harness the power of heat and achieve your fitness goals faster, and with greater ease, take a look in our collection, and find your perfect workout wear.

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