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Heat Trapping Technology, Fitness & Weight Loss

Heat Trapping Technology, Fitness & Weight Loss

What is neoprene, and how is it used to improve fitness and weight loss?

Neoprene is a widely used fabric in the watersports industry that has existed for nearly a century. Initially designed for its resistance to water, oils, and heat, neoprene was an ideal material for commercial use in products such as telephone wire and insulation. 

In more recent years, neoprene has made its way into several watersports industries in the form of wetsuits, surf tops, and booties and protective gloves. Scuba diving, for instance, would be nearly impossible in many parts of the world due to the body’s rapid heat loss in water, if not for the excellent thermal protection offered by varying weights of wetsuits. 

Neoprene is unique in its manufacturing when compared with other fabrics. Surprisingly, it actually begins as a liquid which is combined with additives to improve its elasticity, color, or other features. From there, the liquid neoprene is essentially “cooked” to form a solid before being sliced apart into flat layers which are then sewn together. 

So how and why would neoprene be integrated into a fitness routine outside of the water? 

Well, for exactly the same reasons that a person would use it when surfing or diving: to lock in the heat.

When completing a high-intensity workout, neoprene attire such as shirts, waist trainers or leggings trap heat against your body causing you to sweat three times as much as you would otherwise. Not only does this intensify your workout, helping your body adapt to handle higher temperatures more easily, but it also helps you to burn more calories to maximize the effectiveness of the time you put in at the gym.

Why would anyone want to be hotter at the gym than they already have to be? 

In fact, the increased temperatures you experience when performing physical activities while wearing thermal protection fabric like neoprene, result in a concentration of heat and sweating in the areas covered by the garment. Increased sweating means a higher release of toxins through the pores of the skin, which is proven to not only clarify skin, but also improve liver health as it is not burdened with cleansing the body of as many toxins as it would otherwise have to. 

What else makes neoprene the ideal fitness attire? 

It’s flexibility and elasticity result in a fabric that not only grips your body for a seamless fit, but also compresses and accents your natural shape, ensuring you look and feel your best throughout your workout or even at home in everyday life. Not only that - but in addition, neoprene, despite its heat-trapping properties, also absorbs sweat meaning you stay dry on the outside.

Are there any alternatives to neoprene for heat trapping fitness attire?

We’re so glad you asked! In recent years, the fitness industry has seen more and more of a shift away from neoprene and towards sleek blue heat-trapping polymer. This new, higher tech alternative is truly the future of maximizing sweating in and outside of the gym. 

Not only does this new material work even more effectively than neoprene, causing 3-5 times the sweating you would normally experience during a workout, but it also has an incredibly sleek and sculpted look that helps you look and feel great while toning muscles, maximizing weight loss, and burning more calories.

What are the best heat-trapping products for me?

Well, that really depends on what your personal goals are! For those working on toning/shaping legs, glutes, waist and tummy, we would recommend our women’s heat trapping leggings. If you’re focused on your shoulders, back, waist, and chest, we have heat trapping t-shirts available for both men and women. If you’re seeking a more focused approach on the waist and abs, we have men’s and women’s heat trapping waist toners, or arm trimmers if you want to focus on the biceps and triceps specifically.

Whatever you personally are looking for, at Kewlioo we can help you to reach your health and fitness goals with our wide variety of products designed with you in mind to meet your unique needs.

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