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7 Simple Workout Routines for Weight Loss

7 Simple Workout Routines for Weight Loss

Are you ready to burn fat and lose weight? No matter how many pounds you want to drop, get ready to sweat, work hard, and stay dedicated to the workout routine you establish.

You can do it! (One more time, just for good measure: You can do it!)

In the words of the legendary tennis star Venus Williams, "Just believe in yourself. Even if you don't, pretend that you do and, at some point, you will."

Losing weight won’t happen overnight, but you can reach your goals faster and with greater ease by utilizing our proprietary products, including our Sauna Suits and Heat Trapping Vests. How cool is it to know that your workout gear can play a huge role in helping you shed those unwanted pounds? Browse our line of men’s and women’s Sauna Suits and Heat Trapping Vests, all of which will make you sweat, burn calories, and build muscle. Once that Kewlioo box arrives on your doorstep, you’ll be fully equipped to up the ante of each and every workout.

Now, as far as workouts, we thought it’d be helpful to provide seven simple yet effective weight loss workouts for you. Find one that works best for you, put on your Kewlioo gear, and get ready to find the numbers on the scale dropping and your waist slimming.

  •  Workout #1: Who says jumping rope is for little kids? Grab a jump rope and perform 10 sets of 100 jumps. You can take a brief break between sets. If you need to, start off with 5 sets of 50 jumps and work your way up to 10/100. Want to burn even more calories? Wear ankle or wrist weights.

  • Workout #2: Ready to climb some mountains? Give mountain climbers a try. This intense yet simple workout involves getting into the plank position (hands underneath your shoulders, body lifted off the ground) and driving your knees into your chest. Left knee, right knee, repeat. Stay stable, engage your core, and, if you want to lose weight, perform at least 25 mountain climbers a day. Aim for more if you can.

  • Workout #3: Have access to a kettlebell? Great! Kettlebells are great for building muscle and increasing your strength—what’s more, even after you’re done working out, your body will still be burning calories thanks to the metabolism boost. Four or five times per week, perform 3 sets of 12 kettlebell exercises such as the goblet squat, shoulder halo, deadlift, snatch, and swing.

  • Workout #4: Boxers know a thing or two about building muscle and shedding weight. If you’re interested in giving boxing a try, head to your nearest gym and take a boxing class. You’ll learn the three basic punches—jab, hook, cross. Combine these punches with squats, push-ups, and crunches, and you’ll be burning calories like nobody’s business.

  • Workout #5: Did you know that approximately 30 minutes of jogging at approximately 5 miles per hour can burn nearly 300 calories? If you’d like to try jogging or running, go for a lap around your neighborhood, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Keep a steady pace. For best results in terms of weight loss, plan to jog at least four times per week for no less than 20 minutes.

  • Workout #6: HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, and this is a fantastic way to burn calories and lose weight. You can do a series of jumping jacks, lunge jumps, and high knees, but whatever you do, don’t forget about burpees. Half push-up, half leap into the air, a burpee engages so many muscles and is easy to perform. To do a burpee, bend down into a partial squat position. Touch the ground with your chest, keeping your spine as straight as possible. Push up, and as you do, bring your legs together with a frog jump and then jump, raising both hands in the air. Repeat.

  • Workout #7: Up for a low-intensity cardio workout? If so, put on your favorite sneakers and go for a 30- to 60-minute power walk. A power walk involves walking faster than you normally do—aim for approximately 5 miles per hour to get started, and then steadily increase your speed (up to 9 miles per hour). If you elect to power walk on a treadmill, take on an extra challenge by adding an incline.    

Establishing one of the above fitness routines is a huge step in the right direction if you want to lose weight. Another huge step? Creating a positive inner dialogue that encourages and motivates you to keep going, day in and day out.

Here at Kewlioo, we’re passionate about helping people like you look and feel their best. Thanks for allowing us to be part of your fitness journey. We’re proud of you for taking the steps necessary to reach your goals!