Women's Neoprene Sauna Thigh Wrap - One Piece

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This lightweight knee sleeve is available in one size and should fit most people. 

Reasons You’ll Love This Neoprene Knee Sleeve:

1. The Neoprene material creates a "sauna" effect that will help you burn more calories & fat.
2. This material also provides compression and warmth, which is great for reducing painful inflammation, relieving sore or stiff knee joints, and promoting blood flow to your knee, helping it heal.
3. This bariatric knee sleeve is well suited for treating conditions like arthritis, patella pain, knee sprains or strains.
4. The Velcro closure neoprene knee sleeve will fit curvy women or big and tall men with wider thighs and larger legs.
5. This knee sleeve will help relieve pressure and make it easier to walk, jog, and live your life.

How to Use This Knee Sleeve:
- This knee sleeve is easy to put on - simply wrap it around your leg.
- It can be worn on either your right or left leg.
- To clean, just hand wash using warm water and mild soap; and lay flat to air dry.

Being overweight or obese can increase your risk of arthritis and knee injuries. But wearing a knee sleeve like this can help you get back to a more active lifestyle which is essential for preventing long-term, chronic knee pain.

Item Type: Shapers
Gender: Women
Shapewear: Control Panties
Thickness: Standard

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