Weight Loss Slimming Soap

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 The new dispensation to burn fat and cellulite in the skin. It has the combination of moisturizer that nourishes your skin thoroughly. Your skin will be smoother, more elastic, and look younger.

  1. Burning subcutaneous fat. 
  2. Promote skin metabolism, quickly decomposed excess body fat. 
  3. Has a strong and rapid weight loss and skin care function. 
  4. Has moisturizing ingredients which can thoroughly moisturize your skin and make your abdominal skin become smoother, more flexible, especially against abdomen, waist, hips, forearm and the leg. 

Usage: After skin cleaning, apply a suitable amount of this product evenly on the skin, gently massage for 3-5 minutes, until absorbed.

Beautiful body, beautiful you!

  • Slimming and Detoxify Soap. 3 days will show the slimming effect
  • Promote skin metabolism
  • Has a combination of moisturizer to nourish your skin thoroughly
  • Your skin will be smoother, more elastic, look younger

Item Type: Weight Loss Soap
NET Weight: 100g

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