Waist Slimming Bodysuit Shaper

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  • Helps gain a healthy posture while providing comfortable support to the Back and Abdominals. Promotes slimming and beautiful shaping of saggy muscles in the Torso
  • Helps Post-Partum Sag and Prolapses
  • We have been able to accomplish this by a unique blend of Cotton+Polyester. That makes it comfortable, stretchable and breathable. You can indeed have the cake and eat it too
  • Additionally, it is made of a graduated mesh, for premium comfort but a firm control for the mid-section. The breathable material offers all-day comfort and a very realistic shaping for the entire mid-section
  • The shaping is aimed at making your silhouette smooth and real. It is a classy and subtle effect. So there is no undue squeezing of the tummy for a fake hour-glass look

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