Women's Waist Trainer Corset

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The Ultimate Waist Trainer Corset

Kewlioo's Ultimate Waist Trainer Description:

Take your training to the next level with Kewlioo's Ultimate Waist Trainer. This is, by far, the best waist trainer we've ever made. This waist trainer is more than just a sexy accessory. Shape your stomach and belly curves instantly, train peacefully without any worries about your looks. We've done our best to find the perfect blends of materials and included 3 different layers for enhanced, triple-effect: cotton, latex, and lycra keeps a gentle balance between comfort, performance, and beauty. 

Burn more calories and shape your figure over time - The Ultimate Waist Trainer is designed to shape your body into the ideal "guitar" looking body. Even though you'll drop a size instantly, the real results will show up over time, the more you use the waist trainer over time, the more permanent the results will be.

The Waist Trainer Benefits:

  • Drop a size - instantly.
  • Shape your figure over time.
  • Boosted thermal activity to encourage faster calorie burn.
  • Support your body while training and protect your posture.
  • Helps mobilization of your fats desired body parts.
  • Look & feel sexy while you work out.

Ultimate Waist Trainer Features:

  • 3 Layers triple effect - Cotton Lycra & Latex.
  • 3 Rows of hook-and-eye closure for maximum security - Making sure that your waist trainer won't fall off or break.
  • Multi-size - Multi-color to match every style and size.
  • 9 Steel bonds to enable slowly fastening the waist trainer.
  • The waist trainer is 12" in length to enable full mobility during training.

Waist Trainer Specifications:

  • Materials: cotton, lycra, latex
  • Closure material: steel
  • Closure layers: 3
  • Closure unites: 9 in length
  • Control level - firm
  • Waist trainer length: 12" / 30cm
  • Gender - women

Washing Instruction for the Ultimate Waist Trainer:

Hand wash in cold water & hang dry. It is not recommended to insert your waist trainer inside the washing machine if you don't have any other choice, set the washing machine to the lowest temperature possible and the wringing to the lowest or none, then hand to dry.

Kewlioo's Ultimate Waist Trainer Size Chart:

The Ultimate Waist Trainer Size Chart
The Ultimate Waist Trainer Available colorsThe Ultimate Waist Trainer Open FrontThe Ultimate Waist Trainer Open Back


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