Running Belt Waist Backpack

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An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle; that’s certain. These days, however, even the healthiest people are weighed down—and not by those few extra pounds you're trying to lose or those growing muscles, but by all the things they 'must' have with them: keys, phones, wallets, credit cards, ID cards, headphones. Most people use a variety of accessories while exercising in order to keep their stuff safe, not to mention secure. The armband and fanny pack used to be the standard. Not anymore. Why choose the waist belt?

  • Extremely comfortable and versatile
  • Phones are getting too large for Armbands
  • No fasteners for a chafe-free experience
  • Bounce-free and will not ride up
  • Used for travel and hidden money belt
  • Insulin pump, inhalers, EpiPens, and pills
  • Fashionable! Fanny packs are not!

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