Portable Neckline / Chin Slimmer

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Eliminate your unwanted double chin and look years younger with this amazing Portable Neck Slimmer. With 2 minutes of daily work using this Portable Neck Slimmer, you can have that fascinating neckline! With close to no work at all, you can reverse signs of ageing without cosmetic surgery.


  • The Portable Neck Slimmer is like a mini exercise machine that allows you to do the up and down motion. It helps tone the fat and loose skin on the chin and neck area.
  • The Portable Neck Slimmer is known to be the first resistance toning system for the neck, chin, and face that utilizes the natural way of tightening the skin and strengthen facial muscles thus, it is safe to use and effectively enhances facial contours and eliminates sagging skin without the need of cosmetic surgery.
  • This amazing facial exercising device is easy to operate and works wonder for all ages! With its three different springs, this portable neck slimmer is suitable for beginners and for advance toning.
  • This Portable Neck Slimmer is compact and portable. Carry it and use it anytime, anywhere!


  • Product Type: Beauty Tool
  • Item Type: Neck and Chin Slimming Massager
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Item Weight: Approximately 93g
  • Item Size: Approximately 136 * 5.6 *4.2cm

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