AFY (Aivoye) Effective Fat Burning Slimming Cream

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Super penetration, promote infiltration of fat cells, decomposition of excess fat, tightening the size of fat cells, promote blood circulation, to achieve the desired slimming effect, widely used in the waist, hips, legs, and arms. Great solution when it comes to recovering skin stretching marks (especially pregnancy stretching marks)

Cassia seed, hemp seed, ginkgo extract, fatty acid decomposition, plant elastin, soft skin micro molecules, glycerin, deionized water, dimethicone, etc.

How to use:
1. After your daily shower or partial scrub, take the appropriate amount of cream in your hand and gently rub where you want to lose weight. Clockwise and counterclockwise alternately massage for about 5 minutes, let it penetrate the skin deeply, effectively burning the fat.
2. Apply gently pressing the bikini line, back of the knees and armpits and other locations, increase blood circulation, thus contributing to exclude waste, to prevent the accumulation of fat effectively.

Suggested use frequency:
Once in the morning and once before going to sleep, 3 boxes for one month of use

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Shelf Life: 
3 years

How to use

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AFY (Aivoye) Effective Fat Burning Slimming Cream

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  • Full Price : $40.00

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